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The perfect fuel for your needs

From diesel fuel for your farm equipment to kerosene for superior home heating, you can rely on Drescher's Fuel Oil for the perfect fuel and heating oil for your needs. Your fuel needs don't stop at the end of winter. We provide quality winter blends and other fuel to keep your farm, business, and home running like it should.


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Outstanding local service

As a local business, we believe in meeting the needs of a wide service area. We are happy to serve Bethel and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, as well as Berks, Lebanon, Schuylkill, and Dauphin Counties.

Quality fuels

 •  Commercial

 •  Residential

 •  Farms

 •  Off-roading

The right additives for your needs

When you need fuel stability, we offer Surrephyre 3002 to prevent fuel degradation and reduce the number of times you are left without heat.


A clean fuel filter can extend the life of your entire fuel system. Surrephyre 3002 offers a perfect balance of dispersants to eliminate sludge and deposits and keep your system's lines clean.


Protecting your system from fuel and water damage is a great way to prevent corrosion. Keep your fuel-wetted surfaces safe from corrosion with Surrephyre 3002.


Fuel water emulsions can wreak havoc on your system, but Surrephyre 3002 contains a specialized blend of water dispersants and dehazers to help you remove water gradually and prevent emulsions.

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