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When you need the area's best fuel options for your home, business, farm, or other needs, Drescher's Fuel Oil provides high-quality fuel.


All of our fuel products are treated to ensure maximum performance. As a family-owned and operated business, you'll always get personalized service and the custom options you need to be satisfied. Get in touch with our friendly team today!

Outstanding area fuel options

We offer superior fuel to Bethel and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania as well as Berks, Lebanon, Schuylkill, and Dauphin Counties. Contact us to learn about our affordable budget plans.

Quality service

 •  Family-owned

 •  Great fuel rates

 •  Delivery across the area

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Updated daily fuel pricing

     Heating Oil        

            150gal.        $2.419

            500gal.        $2.259

           750 gal.        $2.209

        1,000 gal.        $2.159



*call for current kerosene rate & volume  



Gas: Regular & Midgrade  

*call for current regular & midgrade rates & volumes    


WINTERIZED  Off Rd. Diesel          

            150 gal.           $2.309

            500 gal.           $2.259

            750 gal.           $2.209

         1,000 gal.           $2.159



Please call for our current prices on the above products.


Orders must be placed by 3:00 pm to receive these prices.

*Prices subject to change*

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